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LLANO — Following two accidental shootings involving youth since Dec. 21, officials are asking parents to speak with their children about gun safety.

“We’re asking people to remind their kids to be careful around guns,” said John Neff, the Llano County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy. “They can review gun safety and hunter’s education courses.”

On Dec. 27, emergency crews responded to a shooting on CR 405B about noon. Neff said a 15-year-old male accidentally shot himself with a small-caliber firearm.

“He was transported to an Austin hospital,” Neff said. “I spoke with his parents this morning (Dec. 28), and they said he was going to be OK.”

The teen was still being treated in the hospital at the time Neff spoke with the parents.

On Dec. 21, deputies and emergency crews responded to an accidental shooting on CR 402. Neff said, in this case, a youth accidentally shot a second youth in the leg with a deer rifle.

“He’s going to make it,” Neff said. “But it may be a long road ahead for him.”

After two such incidents in less then week, Neff said he hopes parents take the time to talk to their children and teens about gun safety.

Parents can visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s website at for information on gun and hunter’s safety.

Some of the safety instructions include:

• always point the muzzle in a safe direction

• treat every firearm or bow with the same respect shown to a loaded gun or nocked arrow

• be sure of the target and what is in front and beyond it

• unload firearms and unstring conventional bows when not in use

TPWD offers online hunter’s safety instruction as well as traditional classroom styles. State officials said even experienced hunters and shooters can benefit from a refresher in gun safety.

The National Rifle Association also offers gun safety instruction. Its Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program is geared toward pre-kindergarten through third-grade students.

The NRA website also offers tips for parents on how to talk to their children and youth about gun safety.

For more information on NRA programs and materials, go to