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At Hill Country Pain in Marble Falls, pain management can mean the difference between a full and vibrant life and being housebound or hospitalized.

Applying science to manage and reduce pain can restore hope for an active life.

As a rapidly growing medical specialty, pain management involves doctors like those at Hill Country Pain who understand the complexity of all kinds of pain and the complex nature — and importance — of a solution.

From back pain to neck pain, the doctors and staff at Hill Country Pain can help.They form a multi-disciplinary team that can address any pain problem.

Acute or chronic, relief is in site

Visit the Hill Country Pain website at to take the first steps in pain prevention and management. You can find information on back, neck, extremity, cancer, nerve, muscular, joint, abdominal and pelvic pain. Watch a narrated video on the back pain page for a step-by-step overview of that particular syndrome.

Information also addresses the difference between acute and chronic back pain. Acute pain is the most common and is caused by injury that can be treated and usually heals over time. This pain “talks to you,” say the doctors at Hill Country Pain, telling you something is wrong and where.

Chronic pain lasts longer than three to six months and is caused by abnormalities to the nervous system. Only a doctor can help you find the cause and possible solution.

“Our doctors are trained and qualified to deliver the most modern treatments, injections, and implant therapies for the care of pain patients,” says the team at Hill Country Pain.

Hill Country residents don’t have to travel far for professional pain management.

Six convenient locations include the center at 511 Hwy 281 North in Marble Falls. There are also two offices in San Antonio, one each in New Braunfels, San Marcos and Fredericksburg.

For appointments at any of the centers, call (866) 384-5470. Check out their website for more information at