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Never buy a mattress you haven’t tested say the experts at Aladdin Mattress Store, also known as Aladdin Home Store. As a premier mattress dealer in Marble Falls, Aladdin Mattress offers a full range of choices for those looking for the perfect sleep.

According to Consumer Reports magazine, the key to finding the right mattress is to test them. Which is why you should never buy one online unless you’ve tested it first at a certified dealer.

How to choose the right fit for you

To choose a mattress, says Consumer Reports magazine, first decide the size, and then the type you want. Innersprings are the most common — and cheapest.

You also want to decide on the firmness. To test for firmness, Consumer Reports suggests taking a full 15 minutes — five minutes on each side and five on your back — before making the decision to purchase. Another reason to shop at a certified dealer like Aladdin! A certified mattress dealer will understand and encourage mattress testing.

You also need to consult a certified dealer — whether in Marble Falls or elsewhere — to know exactly what make you are getting when you buy. Manufacturers make exclusive national brands for Macy’s, Sears and Sleepy’s, which you can’t find in other stores. Innerspring mattresses especially are modified for different sellers. A manufacturer can change the color, quilting pattern, or padding, for example, and give it a different name. It makes it impossible to comparison shop, another reason for anyone living in the Highland Lakes to rely on a local dealer you can trust. A  dealer will work with you personally to find the best options and help you make the best buy!

Aladdin Mattress and Home Store is located at 2901 Hwy 281 N. in Marble Falls, across from the WalMart gas pumps. Check them out online at or call (830) 798-9800. They are open Monday-Saturday, 9  a.m.-7 p.m.