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Man charged with stealing Horseshoe Bay boat accused of burglarizing suspected accomplice’s home

HORSESHOE BAY — That old saying about no honor among thieves might be the case in a caper where one of two men accused of stealing a ski boat is charged with burglarizing his suspected accomplice’s home, police said.

In the meantime, police recovered the stolen boat — a Mastercraft X30 valued at $70,000 — by digging up a gravel pit June 1 in Cottonwood Shores.

"(The two men) know each other and allegedly participate in criminal activity together," Police Chief Bill Lane said June 13. "The old saying ‘no honor among thieves’ is apparently alive and well in this investigation."

The men also are neighbors, police indicated.

IN PHOTO: The Horseshoe Bay Police Department recently recovered a stolen boat hidden beneath a dirt pile on a ranch near Cottonwood Shores. One of the men accused in the theft was charged with burglarizing his suspected accomplice’s home. Courtesy photo