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Marble Falls students bloom in floral design class; you can buy their work

Marble Falls High School floral design student Kambell Stewart

Marble Falls High School floral design student Kambell Stewart works on an arrangement during class. The program teaches students how to make floral arrangements as well as interpersonal skills, teamwork, and business acuity. Staff photo by Daniel Clifton

Marble Falls High School students in the floral design class taught by agriculture science teacher M’Lynn Prewitt are learning more than how to arrange flowers.

“We combine anything we learn with hands-on learning that will be practical in the real world,” Prewitt said. “Plus, they learn so many other skills that they can use in any job or career they pursue, things like teamwork, communication, business skills, something as simple as shaking someone’s hand and looking them in the eye. 

“I try to teach them good character,” she added.

The floral design program, which includes beginning and advanced classes, is part of the school’s Career and Technical Education Pathways. The beginning class is a fine arts credit.

Prewitt, who also teaches horticulture and greenhouse classes, knows not all of her first-year floral design students will go beyond the basic class, but she shows them what the CTE path offers, including certifications that can help them land jobs in their chosen fields.

Marble Falls High School floral design students Addison Powell (left) and Ashlyn Walker
Marble Falls High School floral design students Addison Powell (left) and Ashlyn Walker prepare cut flowers for Valentine’s Day arrangements. The class will sell cut-flower arrangements each month through the school year. Staff photo by Daniel Clifton

The youths are also gaining business and customer service skills. Floral design students will create and sell flower arrangements throughout the school year, including for Valentine’s Day. That sale ends Friday, Feb. 11.

Most of the buyers have been teachers, but Prewitt hopes to attract more people from the community to the monthly sales, which should be announced the second week of each month. 

“With the sales, they have to make something that people are going to be happy with,” Prewitt said. “If people don’t like the arrangement, they won’t buy it again. So, it’s not just about creating something (the student) likes but also something others would.”

Another project for the students is setting up a mock floral-related business. They will learn about budgeting, pricing, hiring, overhead costs, production, inventory, profits, and more.

“It’s real-world skills they’re learning,” Prewitt said. “They can do anything from color coordinating to planning a wedding.”

While helping students grow, Prewitt is also working to grow the floral design and plant science program. One goal is for students to cultivate the flowers and plants they use in their arrangements through the use of the school’s greenhouse and an outdoor garden in the works.

“I’d love for us to grow from seed to flower and use them,” Prewitt said. “I think the kids would learn a lot from seeing that process.”

For more information on the Marble Falls High School floral design program or purchasing monthly floral arrangements, email Prewitt at