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The Marble Falls City Council approved an interlocal agreement with the Marble Falls Independent School District to employ a full-time juvenile case manager. The vote came at the City Council meeting June 15. The juvenile case manager is a contracted city position that manages and oversees truancy issues requiring legal action. 

Previously, MFISD reimbursed the city $12,000 annually for a part-time case manager, who retired in June. The case manager reports to the municipal judge and is an employee of the city. 

During the June 1 council meeting, agreement specifics caused some confusion, leading councilors to assume MFISD was asking the city to pay for a newly proposed $55,000-a-year, full-time school district employee. However, it was city staff who approached the district for funds, Superintendent Dr. Chris Allen explained to trustees during a June 14 school board meeting. 

“We were not opposed to that idea because the JCM (juvenile case manager) brings some value to the community and to the district in that they help us do the work the courts can do to get kids into school and hold parents accountable,” Allen explained. 

The two entities agreed the city would absorb the proposed salary for one year beginning Oct. 1 and split costs evenly with the district the year after. By the 2023-24 city fiscal year, the district agreed to assume full financial responsibility for the city position. 

The city of Marble Falls collects $4,000 annually in local truancy prevention and diversion fees, which can be used toward offsetting salary costs. 

Councilors previously requested city staff pursue supplemental funding from surrounding cities, including Meadowlakes and Granite Shoals, whose students go to school within the district. 

“We’ve done some research in that area,” City Manager Mike Hodge told councilors at the June 15 meeting. “There was some opportunity to capture some funding out there associated with fees related to this type of activity. I’ve had discussions with all of the other entities, and they’ve indicated there’s an interest in sharing those revenues that they receive.”