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KINGSLAND — As the peak of rabies season looms this summer, the Llano County Sheriff’s Office is holding a low-cost pet vaccination clinic to curb the spread of infection and educate the public about prevention.

“We’ve actually had several cases here in Llano County,” said Llano County Animal Control Officer Robert Nichols.

Nearly four cases of wildlife, mostly skunks, tested positive for rabies in April alone.

Rabies, a potentially fatal viral disease, is spread when an infected animal scratches or bites another animal or when infected saliva comes into contact with the eyes, mouth, or nose of an animal. It can be transmitted to humans.

To combat the disease, the Llano County Sheriff’s Office will hold a rabies clinic from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, May 5, at the Kingsland Community Center, 3451 Rose Hill Drive.

About 90 percent of pet owners with whom the animal control officer interacts are in compliance with rabies vaccination requirements; however, the small percentage who fail to get their pets vaccinated pose a significant health and safety risk, he said.

“State law requires that all your animals get vaccinated,” Nichols said. “Our hope is we can get everyone in compliance so we don’t have to write citations.”

Veterinarian Jim Jenkins of Cedar Hills Veterinary Clinic will provide vaccinations at the May 5 event.

The cost of the vaccinations and other services are:

• $10 rabies shots for dogs and cats;

• $28 distemper/parvo/bordetella shots for dogs;

• $16 distemper shots for cats;

• $25 H3N2 flu shots for dogs;

• $20 feline leukemia shots for cats;

• $13-$16 flea prevention treatment for dogs and cats;

• and $6-$8 for deworming.

Along with vaccinating pets, officials offer the following tips to prevent the spread of rabies:

• avoid keeping food and water outside at night;

• when walking pets, use a leash and avoid contact with wildlife;

• and report wildlife out during the day acting strangely, docile, or sick.

For more information, call the Llano County animal control officer at (325) 247-5767.