DPS out in force to encourage safe Thanksgiving travels


HORSESHOE BAY – A key Or to safe holiday travel is knowing what local law enforcement will be looking for on the road and adopting a few good habits before embarking on a trip.

“(Texas Department of Public Safety) troopers will also be on the lookout for drivers who needlessly endanger others by disregarding the law,” DPS Director Steven McCraw said. “Everyone, especially motorists, has a part to play in keeping our roadways safe, and it is imperative that you take this responsibility seriously.”

In particular, officers will be looking for drunk drivers, speeders, and seat belt violators this Thanksgiving travel season.

According to the Department of Public Safety, troopers:

• issued 51,592 traffic citations and warnings for speeding, no insurance, and seat belt/child safety seat usage.

• and arrested 275 motorists for driving while intoxicated,198 fugitives, and 141 felons during the same time period.

DPS encourages motorists to get a designated driver if drinking; drive under the speed limit during bad weather and in construction areas, heavy traffic, and unfamiliar areas; avoid distracted driving by not using cell phones behind the wheel; buckle up everyone in the vehicle; don’t drive fatigued; and make sure one’s vehicle is property maintained before starting a trip.

Also, know another important rule of the road that requires motorists to slow down or move over for police, fire, EMS, Texas Department of Transportation vehicles, and tow trucks that are stopped on the side of the road with emergency lights activated.


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