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Burnet Chamber warns people about potential phone scam asking for personal info


BURNET — The Burnet Chamber of Commerce is cautioning people and businesses about a potential phone scam by someone who claims to represent a chamber of commerce.

Burnet Chamber of Commerce director Kim Winkler sent out an email after one of the chamber’s members reported they received a phone call from someone who was “updating member profile information for the chamber of commerce.” According to Winkler’s email, the person identifying with the chamber began asking some general contact questions before inquiring about the person’s Social Security number.

This was not the Burnet Chamber of Commerce, Winkler stated in the email.

She pointed out the call originated from the number (512) 275-6973, which apparently has a history of claiming to be with the American Chamber of Commerce “when trying to obtain sensitive information.”

Winkler urged people and businesses not to provide any sensitive information to someone who claims to represent the chamber of commerce.

Currently, the one person who might contact businesses or individuals on behalf of the Burnet Chamber of Commerce is Drew Sanbridge of Shepherd Publishing. Winkler said he is finishing advertisement sales for the chamber’s official membership directory.

Anyone who gets a call from someone claiming to represent the chamber of commerce should contact the Burnet Chamber of Commerce for clarification. Winker reminded people to never give out their Social Security number to anyone who calls them.

Call (512) 756-4297 for more information regarding the Burnet Chamber of Commerce or if you have questions about a call from a person saying they represent the chamber.