Granite Shoals Wildlife Advisory Committee hosting town hall


GRANITE SHOALS — The Granite Shoals Wildlife Advisory Committee is hosting a town hall meeting Saturday, June 24.

The event is 9-11 a.m. at the Granite Shoals Fire Hall, 8410 RR 1431 West.

Councilman Todd Holland, who serves as the council advisor for the committee, and chairman Jason Brady will lead the gathering.

At the top of the agenda is a history of the committee and its purpose, which is to lead the deer management program. Granite Shoals leaders initiated a deer management program last year that included a controlled hunt allowing qualified archers to take female (does) white-tailed deer within city limits. The goal of the program is to address the deer population within the city.

Holland and Brady will share the successes of the first year, which coincided with the 2016-17 deer season. The hunters provided 1,485 pounds of venison to local food banks and individuals, including 395 pounds to Abundant Heart Ministries; 105 pounds to Joseph’s Food Pantry in Granite Shoals; and 985 pounds to various individuals.

By state law, the deer had to be turned into venison and used for human consumption.

Total value of the venison was more than $18,750.

The program cost taxpayers less than $1,500 as the hunters provided their own supplies, feeders, feed, and blinds.

Holland and Brady also will talk about the goals for the upcoming season, which include getting more hunters involved in the program. Both men have become certified instructors by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to teach the volunteers.

Those wanting to participate in the program must be able to pass written and field tests.

The Granite Shoals City Council was so encouraged by the program that members approved a second year during their regular March 28 meeting.

“It was an extremely, very detailed program to help us use a great baseline for the future,” City Manager Ken Nickel said.

City leaders across Texas have contacted Granite Shoals City Hall requesting information about the program, Nickel said, because it is regarded as one-of-a-kind.

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