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MEADOWLAKES — The city of Meadowlakes is urging residents to be cautious around wild animals “acting out of the ordinary.”

On Jan. 20, the Meadowlakes animal control officer had a skunk, captured in the city limits, tested for rabies. The test came back positive, leading city officials to ask residents to be wary around animals acting strangely.

According to Meadowlakes officials, the skunk did not come into contact with anyone, but it’s not known how long the animal was in the area. If a resident sees a wild animal behaving in an odd manner, they should stay away from it and call the Meadowlakes Animal Control officer at (877) 816-8136.

According to the Texas Department of State Health Services, skunks were the second leading animal found with rabies in the 30-county Central Texas area during 2016. The health services department confirmed 60 cases of rabies in skunks during 2016 and 255 cases in bats over the same period.

The heaviest reports of bat rabies came from Travis and Williamson counties with only four in Burnet County. There were six confirmed cases of skunks with rabies in Burnet County in 2016.

To reduce the possibility of coming into contact with rabid animals, residents should consider moving pet food and water inside during the night or when unattended. This food can attract animals such as skunks and raccoons.

Meadowlakes officials also urge residents to make sure their dogs and cats are properly vaccinated for rabies.