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BURNET — After several days of cold and rain, the sun peeked out Dec. 6. But don’t get out the shorts and flip-flops just yet. In fact, you might want to pack them up this week as the first true Arctic cold front of the year hits the Highland Lakes on Wednesday night.

According to the National Weather Service, after temperatures peak at about 60 degrees Wednesday, Dec. 7, a big front will roll through during nighttime hours, sending the mercury plummeting.

The NWS predicts a high temperature in Burnet of only 39 degrees on Thursday. In the morning hours, you can also expect it to be even more frigid with strong north winds gusting 15-20 mph. Those winds should decrease throughout the day, but so will temperatures as night descends.

The Highland Lakes should experience its first “hard” freeze overnight Thursday as temperatures drop to 25 degrees, according to the NWS.

On Friday, temperatures climb to about 44 degrees before slipping back toward the low 30s that night.

With the cold snap hitting, people should remember the three “Ps”: pets, pipes, and plants. Make sure pets have someplace warm to escape the cold weather. And wrap any exposed pipes to prevent freezing and bursting. Protect plants by moving them indoors or covering them.

There’s also a fourth “P”: people.

Dress appropriately when outside. Also, if you have elderly family members or friends, check on them and make sure they have proper heating and warm clothes.