CROSS COUNTRY: Burnet, Marble Falls at Liberty Hill; Faith at St. Andrew’s

Faith Academy of Marble Falls cross country

The Faith Academy cross-country team includes Ashlyn Wilson (left), Kristina Lane, Paris Brinkley, Caleb Kwan, Jared Rutherford and Sophie McCannon. Courtesy photo

LIBERTY HILL — The Burnet High School cross-country team competed at the Liberty Hill Invitational on Sept. 12.

The girls varsity team finished second out of eight teams, while the boys varsity squad was fifth out of nine teams, both in the Class 1-4A divisions.

“This race was good for our team because of the competition and getting used to racing again,” Bulldogs head coach Stuart Dixon said.

RESULTS: Varsity boys (9 teams, 79 runners) — 5, Trevor Turner, 17:50; 22, Jordan Killebrew, 18:58; 30, Jordan Belmarez, 19:03; 33, Tanner Abbott, 19:05; 55, Cole Younger, 19:59; 57, Caden Farrell, 20:07. Junior varsity boys (129 runners) — 75, Eddy Shaw, 22:48; 126, Hunter Woodrum, 31:28. Varsity girls (8 teams, 73 runners) — 5, Abby Bullock, 12:457, Trynadee Greenwell, 12:50; 20, Jordan Boyles, 13:15; 40, Kinley Beyer, 13:50; 42, Hailey Lettermen, 13:54; 45, Crista Paik, 14:03; 46, Julyssa Silva, 14:05; 57, Fatima Rodriguez, 14:23. Junior varsity girls (112 runners) — 20, Alexis Munguia, 14:18

UP NEXT: 9 a.m. Sept. 19 at the Bill Bradley Invitational at Gatesville High School, 205 S. Lovers Lane in Gatesville

Marble Falls at Liberty Hill Invitational

LIBERTY HILL — The Marble Falls High School girls cross-country team finished second in the Class 5A-6A division of the Liberty Hill Invitational on Sept. 12.

The Lady Mustangs scored 46 points.

Boys varsity runners Christian Ramirez, a sophomore, and Ismael Montoya, a senior, finished in the top 15 and earned medals.

Meanwhile, the boys junior varsity team won its division with 36 points. The girls junior varsity was fourth with 93 points.

RESULTS: Varsity boys — 13, Christian Ramirez, 17:44.62; 14, Ismael Montoya, 17:46.78; 34, Jose Jimeniz, 19:18.55; 36, Sammy Flores, 19:29.36. Junior varsity boys — 5, Ty Gibson, 19:00.93; 6, Devonte Torns, 19:12.34; 9, Alex Castelan, 19:28.71; 11, William Torns, 19:34.03; 12, Anthony Torns II, 19:34.31; 13, Benjamin Goad, 19:44.20; 24, Andre Hooper, 20:05.36; 33, Daniel Mata, 20:34.13; 42, Israel Gonzales, 20:58.28; 54, Lawrence Gauff, 21:33.24. Varsity girls — 11, Sydney Gibson, 20:48.67; 6, Gisela Mata, 20:48.91; 8, Kim Boni, 20:52.35; 14, Olivia Conrad, 21:21.54; 20, Berkley Powell, 22:04.28; 22, Natasha Villalobos, 22:22.82; 24, Nydia Castro, 22:31.41; 25, Allie Steward, 22:35.24; 31, Tincia Ware, 25:01.15. Junior varsity girls — 15, Joy Plunk, 14:11.61; 21, Ariana Sanchez, 14:18.78; 22, Emma Holcomb, 14:25.75; 24 Eloise Holder, 14:29.94; 25, Natalie Schulz, 14:31.16; 30 Tiffany Donavan, 14:35.03; 33, Isabelle Martin, 14:39.61; 34, Morgan Hagood, 14:40.75; 41, Grace Dahl, 14:52.33; 50, Kristina Macias, 15:21.54; 71, Aspen Woerner, 15:58.34; 74, Celeste Castro, 16:02.79.

UP NEXT: Sept. 26, Marble Falls Invitational at Marble Falls High School, 2101 Mustang Drive in Marble Falls

Faith Academy at Austin St. Andrew’s Meet

AUSTIN — The Faith Academy of Marble Falls cross-country team competed at the Austin St. Andrew’s Meet on Sept. 12.

It was the Flames’ first meet of the season.

“It was good to get a meet under our belt,” head coach Steve McCannon said. “We have several new runners on the team who have never run before, and we look to add to our team in the next couple of weeks. We have work to do to try to get into (state championship) contention. We must improve each week.”

Junior Sophie McCannon was boxed in early on a tight course and didn’t take the lead until the final 200 meters.

Still, her coach, who is also her father, gave her credit for using her mind as well as she used her legs.

“Smart race tactically, but a bad start can create unnecessary work,” Steve McCannon said. “She has been working hard in training, so her legs were a little heavy. She defended her title and looks to do the same at Allen Academy this week. Good first race.”

Paris Brinkley, Ashlyn Wilson, Jared Rutherford and Caleb Kwan all competed in their first cross-country race.

Brinkley was nine seconds from finishing ninth.

RESULTS: Boys (200 runners) — 214, Jared Rutherford, 24:40; 234, Caleb Kwan, 25:28. Girls1, Sophie McCannon, 12:05; 14, Paris Brinkley, 13:28; 77, Kristina Lane, 16:22; 88, Ashlyn Wilson, 18:11

UP NEXT: 8:30 a.m., Sept. 19 at Allen Academy Invitational at the Tonkaway Ranch, 16373 Tonkaway Lake Road in College Station

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