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AUSTIN — A federal judged issued a summary judgment in former Marble Falls High School football player Blake Ripple’s lawsuit against the Marble Falls Independent School District.

Ripple filed the lawsuit in September 2012 alleging MFISD and the coaching staff didn’t provide enough protection for him when he played football. In the lawsuit, Ripple claimed he suffered more than 30 concussions or sub-concussions while playing and practicing football under the supervision of then-head football coach Cord Woerner.

The former MFHS football player claimed in the lawsuit that, as a result of those concussions, he was unable to live independently and suffered physically and mentally from his playing.

The lawsuit states Ripple first suffered a concussion Oct. 23, 2009, during a goal-line defense. The lawsuit describes what Ripple alleges was a pattern of excessive drills, exercises and playing time by the coaching staff and that led to and contributed to his long-term injuries.

The judge, however, determined there wasn’t enough factual evidence to take the matter to trial and issued a summary judgment March 27, basically dismissing it.

“The case has been dismissed on ‘summary judgement,’” stated MFISD Superintendent Rob O’Connor. “This case never went to trial. The judge dismissed the case on the facts presented not finding enough merit for trial.”

O’Connor added that MFISD and its athletic department has always followed University Interscholastic League protocols regarding concussions, and the district didn’t see anything that would lead it to change those protocols.