Lawnmower races cut loose at Sweet Berry Farm

Lacy Copeland takes a few practice laps March 19 on the lawnmower racing track at Sweet Berry Farm, 1801 FM 1980 in Marble Falls. She will compete at the Mike Cupps Memorial Lawnmower Races on March 28 along with her father, Dan Copeland. Staff photo by Jared Fields


MARBLE FALLS — Lacy Copeland didn’t hesitate to hop on a mower.

Not to cut grass, however, but to cut laps.

“(Dad) was like, ‘I just got a new mower, so why don’t you race my old one,’” Copeland said about her father, Dan. “And I was like, ‘Heck yeah, I wanna race your old one!’”

And with that, the two plan to race in the Mike Cupps Memorial Lawnmower Races on March 28 at Sweet Berry Farm, 1801 FM 1980.

Lacy, a senior at Texas A&M University, will race in the IMOW Class, while her father will be racing a new lawnmower in the CP Class.

The Copelands hope to take advantage of some home cooking. Dan and wife, Gretchen, are owners of Sweet Berry Farm.

Lacy set her aim high, but isn’t sure what to expect in her first race.

“I’m hoping to get a trophy out of it,” she said. “I don’t know who the competition is, so I can’t say.”

The CP Class limits mowers to 20 horsepower or below. Mowers in that class go about 20 mph.

The IMOW Class is a full-sized lawn tractor with governed engines and 17 horsepower or less.

The racing begins at 2 p.m. This event is unique in that it’s also a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. It is called the Mike Cupps Memorial Race in honor of Cupps, a lawnmower racer who died of colon cancer in 2010. Cupps served as vice president of the Lone Star Mower Racing Association for two terms.

The Copelands were approached by Dennis Drake of Marble Falls after Cupps’ death in 2009 and agreed to build a track and host a race.

Dan Copeland said the race raises between $2,000 and $3,000 each year that goes straight to the American Cancer Society.

And although Dan said he did not get to personally know Cupps, he still honored his last wishes.

“He was cremated, and the first year after he was cremated, (his ashes were) the start-finish line,” Copeland said. “That’s what he said he wanted. He said, ‘I want my ashes spread at the start-finish line.'”

Entry to the races is $5. Go to for more information.

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