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LOCALS LOVE US: Packsaddle Elementary takes several honors

Packsaddle Elementary School staff and volunteers learned The Picayune readers and KBEY 103.9 FM Radio Picayune listeners definitely love them. All the Horseshoe Bay/Llano/Kingsland-area Locals Love Us education honors went to campus staff while the favorite volunteer honor went to a Packsaddle volunteer. Pictured are favorite volunteer Pam Peterson (left), favorite school administrator Packsaddle principal Maela Edmonson and favorite teacher Lisa Hill (with some of her students). Other Packsaddle Elementary winners included Misti Atkinson for favorite coach and Regina Beauchamp for favorite receptionist. Staff photo by Daniel Clifton


KINGSLAND — There were high-fives, hugs, cheers and a few jumps as Packsaddle Elementary School staff learned just how much The Picayune readers and KBEY 103.9 FM Radio Picayune listeners love them.

The campus earned a clean sweep of education-related honors for the Horseshoe Bay/Kingsland/Llano area in the 2015 Locals Love Us awards and picked up recognition for a volunteer and receptionist.

“This is amazing,” said Principal Maela Edmonson as she learned of several of her staff earning Locals Love Us accolades. Then, when she heard the readers and listeners voted her as the favorite school administrator, she jumped up and down a bit.

At the front office, Regina Beauchamp, who greets people as they enter the campus, earned the 2015 “Locals Love Us favorite receptionist. This category isn’t reserved for schools, but is open to all offices and businesses. Clearly, Beauchamp’s friendliness and willingness to assist left a good impression on campus visitors as they picked her for the award.

Edmonson surprised Lisa Hill in the cafeteria with her class to announce that Hill won the 2015 Locals Love Us favorite teacher.

“I can’t believe it,” Hill said. “This is great.”

As Edmonson was telling Hill, another person watched from across the cafeteria.

“Oh, there she is,” Edmonson said. “Come here, come here.”

Reluctantly, the woman, Pam Peterson, approached. When she learned readers and listeners picked her as the favorite volunteer, she couldn’t believe it. But others on the campus can.

From the cafeteria, Edmonson headed for the gym, where Misti Atkinson was teaching physical education.

“You’re kidding,” she said upon learning readers and listeners selected her as the favorite coach.

As Edmonson led the way back to the main office, she praised her entire staff and campus.

“We have some great teachers here,” she said. “Each one of them is incredible.”

And The Picayune readers and KBEY listeners apparently agree.