Kingsland Quilt Show celebrates creativity, stories — one stitch at a time

Barb Selby, organizer of the Kingsland Quilt Show.

Barb Selby, the owner of Barb’s Quilt Nook and an organizer of the Kingsland Quilt Show, works on one of her projects from a pattern she found online. Selby adds her own colors and touches to the pattern. She says one of the great things about quilting is the ability to take a pattern and ‘make it your own’ with colors, design and technique. People can take in the creativity of quilters during the Kingsland Quilt Show on Jan. 16-17 at the Kingsland Convention/Community Center, 3451 Rosehill Drive in Kingsland. Staff photo by Daniel Clifton


KINGSLAND — As Barb Selby prepares for the annual Kingsland Quilt Show, she hopes quilters and sewers understand it’s not about their skill level, it’s about coming together to celebrate an artform.

And anyone who’s seen a finished product knows it definitely takes a creative touch and is more than stitching together cloth.

“It’s their life. It’s their stories that come alive through their sewing and quilting,” said the owner of Barb’s Quilt Nook. “There’s always a story behind something you make. So when somebody tells me, ‘Oh, I don’t want to show my quilt’ or ‘I don’t have anything to show,’ I try to tell them it’s about showing something you love doing and sharing it with the rest of the world.”

So in those terms, the eighth annual Kingsland Quilt Show on Jan. 16-17 at the Kingsland Convention/Community Center will have many stories to share. Truthfully, this is actually the 13th show but the eighth at the community center, which the event also benefits. The show is 10 a.m.-4 p.m. both days at the center, 3451 Rose Hill Drive.

Entry is open to all home-sewn items, whether new or old. Selby said some people will walk into her shop and say, “I have a closet full of quilts.”

“Well, then bring them,” Selby said. “It doesn’t matter how old they are or when they were made, I just want people to bring them out and share them.”

Sometimes, it’s not even a quilt. One woman recently saw something about the show in Selby’s shop but remarked that she didn’t have a quilt.

“But then she said, ‘I did sew my daughter’s wedding gown,” Selby said with a smile. “I told her to bring it. Because it’s not just a quilt show. It’s a quilt and sewing show. And it’s not a judged show. It’s all about technique, design and color.”

Selby admitted she’s never sure what will go on display until people start showing up with their items, but it always turns out amazing. Each year, new quilts or hand-sewn items arrive, offering others a chance to revel in the craftsmanship and art as well as get inspired. Sometimes, it’s the pieces from reluctant exhibitors that stand out.

While the show gives quilters and sewers a chance to display their work, the event also encourages others to give it a try. One thing Selby has noted, especially in the Highland Lakes, is the decrease in the number of sewers and quilters. The arts seem to be suffering a bit in popularity.

But both offer people — particularly women — so much.

“Quilting bees are so important for women,” Selby said. “We need an interest that brings us together where we can sit around, talk and just enjoy time together. So much of what people do today really doesn’t encourage that.”

And as they sew or quilt together, they create stories — one stitch at a time.

Tickets for the show are $5 each. Along with the exhibits, vendors will be set up including The Scissor Guy (experienced knife and scissor sharpening) and a Janome Sewing Machine demonstration. Contact Selby at (325) 423-1934 or at for more information. Or stop by her shop, Barb’s Quilt Nook, at 13800 RR 1431 in Kingsland.

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