Neglected dog Shadow making progress; adoption in his future


MARBLE FALLS — Just a couple of months of love and care have given an abandoned dog a new look and the possibility of a new future.

“Shadow’s doing much better,” said Marble Falls Police Officer Justin Boucher. “If you look at him now and what he looked like when (Animal Control Officer) Jacey (Ferguson) picked him up, it’s amazing.”

In August, Ferguson received a call from Colt Elementary school officials about a dog on the campus. When she arrived, she saw what appeared to be a dog, but hair loss and a secondary infection that calcified some of his skin made it difficult to tell. Despite her years as an animal control officer, this was one of the worse neglect cases involving a dog she’d ever come across.


The initial reaction would be to euthanize the dog, which Ferguson believes is a black Belgian shepherd, a type of German shepherd, but she and Marble Falls officials decided to try to save the dog. This required community donations to cover the regular baths and veterinarian care at Highland Lakes Veterinarian Clinic.

The care and community support has paid off.

“He’s one small bald spot left,” Boucher said. “Currently, he’s doing great. He still receives treatment baths once a week, but he’s almost done.”

Boucher said the plan is to eventually put Shadow up for adoption.

Shadow even recently made a return trip to Colt Elementary School to visit with staff and students.

“Considering where’s he’s been, Shadow is making a great recovery,” Boucher said.

An account at the vet clinic has been set up to help cover Shadow’s treatments. People interested in helping may call the Marble Falls Police Department at (830) 693-3611. The animal control department often has other dogs and cats available for adoption. Go to and click on click on “Animal Services” under the “Doing Business” tab at the top of the page to view animals for adoption.

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