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COTTONWOOD SHORES — The Cottonwood Shores City Council came to an agreement with city staff on the hiring process for a new police chief during a special meeting Nov. 10.

The council voted in executive session to approve city administrator and city secretary Sheila Moore’s recommendation of a candidate and not consider any further candidates. The person’s name was not released at the meeting because they had not yet been contacted.

After former chief Harold Piatt’s resignation, the city has been looking for a replacement. The council voted for Moore to hire and direct the new chief after one is approved by the council.

That means Moore will be in charge of selecting finalists for the job; however, the council will have approval power of any candidate before he or she is hired.

“The council can approve that process or not approve that process and send (Moore) back out for another round,” Mayor Donald Orr said during the meeting. “It puts the council in an approval process and allows the city administrator to hire and direct that person.”

Orr said he hopes to have an answer from their candidate by the end of the week.