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Marble Falls Senior Activity Center’s doors open for fun and fellowship


MARBLE FALLS — With a banquet of food laid out before them, members of the Marble Falls Senior Activity Center have a bit of a dilemma: what to leave off the plate.

It’s a good problem to have, especially as the center’s members celebrate the facility’s 27th anniversary. The current building, which offers open space, lots of seating and a nice kitchen, is a big difference from where the senior center first started in 1987. Members could probably cram four of that first building into the current center and still have room to enjoy some dancing.

“Oh my, it was a bit smaller than this,” said Dian Bowers, a Marble Falls Senior Activity Center charter member.

The senior activity center serves as a gathering place for members. People come to play cards and games. Sometimes, the facility even hosts musical performances.

But at the heart of the center is the fellowship and companionship members find there.

“I’m living alone, and I would be lonely if I didn’t have a place to come and see people,” Bowers said. “I would be so bored at home by myself.”

While the celebratory meal takes center stage during the Aug. 29 anniversary event, the members quickly fall into conversations and laughter around the room. On other days, dominoes and cards fill up spaces on the tables.

Bowers said membership has dwindled a bit over the years. While anybody 50 and older can join the senior activity center — for a small monthly fee — the facility isn’t drawing members in their 50s and 60s as much.

“We really want to get some younger members to come in,” Bowers said.

While many senior activity centers around the country get funding from state and federal agencies, the Marble Falls Senior Activity Center doesn’t.

“It’s the seniors who support it,” Bowers said. “The city of Marble Falls has been good to us, but it’s really about the members supporting it.”

It’s a great place for some good fun and conversation, but then don’t forget about the food. Just bring a big plate or plan on returning for seconds.

Call (830) 693-5611 for specific activities times and more information.