Horseshoe Bay to replace iconic street signs 


HORSESHOE BAY — In the 1970s, the Hurd family, Horseshoe Bay developers, had a distinctive design for street signs throughout the lakeside community, but city leaders today believe the iconic posts have out-lived their durability, aesthetics and safety.

A committee has created three possible replacement designs to upgrade the six-foot-by-six-foot wooden posts, which feature three-dimensional wooden-cross flags with carved white letters, officials say.

The proposed designs include an all-stone version at $800 each; a stone-and-metal combination, $725; and an all-metal sign, $550.

“What’s out there now is the original design — wooden posts that are low to the ground. These signs have been around since the ‘70s. They don’t last very long,” City Manager Stan Farmer said. “Some people do complain they’re rather dated. We want something that keeps that Horseshoe Bay feel and standard and would last a little longer and (have) less maintenance in the long run.”

Officials have eyed nearly 400 signs for replacement in the more populated areas of the city including Horseshoe Bay proper, Horseshoe Bay West and the Slick Rock subdivision.

“If I put up something that’s metal and stone, it’s going to be there 30 or 40 years as opposed to wood, and I’ve got to change out (the wooden signs) every four to five years,” Farmer said.

Three version of the proposed new street signs are on display in front of the Horseshoe Bay Police Department.

“It’s still a decorative sign and even more reflective signs,” he said. “Obviously, all the emergency services would appreciate a more reflective sign to be more readable at night.”

The council is expected to discuss the options during its July 8 meeting.