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Marble Falls music producer lands third Grammy nomination

Marble Falls resident and music producer Robert Linder (right) works with Tierra Studios' sound engineer Glenn Wheeler on the music for Gary Weldon's CD 'Every Day Ain't Friday.' Linder recently earned a Grammy nomination for producer of the year for his work on the jazz CD. Courtesy photo


MARBLE FALLS — Maybe the third time is the charm for Robert Linder.

On Oct. 22, the Marble Falls conductor and music producer learned he had been nominated for a Grammy award for his work on the jazz CD “Every Day Ain’t Friday” by Gary Weldon.

“I’ve only produced three jazz CDs, and each one of them has been nominated,” Linder said. “This is pretty exciting.”

Linder was nominated for producer of the year on a jazz album. He helped put together Weldon’s CD, which was released earlier this year by Tierra Studios of Houston. Linder, who is nationally known for his symphony band conducting, had the opportunity several years ago to put together some jazz albums through Tierra Studios.

“Every Day Ain’t Friday” was the third behind Larry Slezak’s “No Worries” and Thomas Hulten’s “Slide Side.”

Along with Linder’s nomination, “Every Day Ain’t Friday” earned nominations for best instrumental jazz album, best improvisational jazz solo and best engineered non-classical album.

While a nomination is one thing, winning is an entirely different feat.

“Winning is definitely the hard part,” Linder said.

But Linder isn’t sitting around and waiting for any awards. The semi-retired conductor hit the road to Milwaukee, where he’ll conduct 33 performances of “Les Miserable” at the Skylight Music Theatre. It’s a return to his symphony and Broadway show work.

Linder found himself conducting the show’s symphony after the theater director realized he had overbooked shows and needed an additional conductor. He knew of Linder from past experiences and reached out to the Marble Falls resident.

“He asked if I could help him out, and I agreed,” Linder said. “I’ve conducted in many places but never Milwaukee.”

The musical will be performed in the Cabot Theatre, which is part of the Skylight Music Theatre.

“It’s a very intimate theater,” Linder said. “There’s not a bad seat in the place.”

The 56th annual Grammy Awards is Jan. 26, 2014, in Los Angeles.