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Marble Falls Special Olympians take several top-3 finishes at state aquatics meet

Marble Falls Special Olympics team members include Trevor Phillips, Andrew Phillips, Jairo Ortiz and Taylor Johnson. The athletes recently competed at the state aquatics meet at Texas A&M University in College Station. Courtesy photo


COLLEGE STATION — The Marble Falls Special Olympics team recently competed in the state aquatics meet at Texas A&M University.

The team picked up 10 first places.

Devin Wuest, the Special Olympics coach and a life skills teacher at Marble Falls High School, said the team “did an outstanding job.”

“We saw a lot of courage out there. We are so proud of our athletes,” he said.

Results include:

  • Jonathan Estrada — 1st, 50-meter butterfly; 2nd, 4×50-meter freestyle relay
  • Austin James — 1st, 15-meter walk; 2nd, 15-meter flotation race; 3rd 10-meter assisted swim
  • Taylor Johnson — 2nd, 25-meter freestyle; 3rd, 4×25-meter relay; 3rd, 25-meter flotation race
  • Kim Morrow — 1st, 15-meter unassisted swim; 1st, 15-meter walk; 2nd, 25-meter flotation race
  • Jairo Otiz — 1st, 25-meter freestyle; 2nd, 25-meter backstroke; 2nd, 25-meter breaststroke; 3rd 4×25-meter freestyle relay
  • Andrew Phillips — 2nd, 25-meter backstroke; 3rd, 25-meter breaststroke; 3rd, 25-meter freestyle; 3rd, 4x25M-meter relay
  • Jacob Phillips — 1st, 50-meter freestyle; 3rd, 50-meter backstroke
  • Trevor Phillips — 1st, 25-meter backstroke; 1st, 25-meter breaststroke; 1st, 25-meter freestyle; 2nd, 4×50-meter relay; 3rd, 4×25-meter relay
  • Karena Rios — 1st, 50-meter backstroke; 2nd, 4×50-meter relay; 3rd, 50-meter freestyle
  • Mike Thixton — 2nd, 50-meter backstroke; 2nd, 100-meter freestyle; 2nd, 4×50-meter relay; 4th, 50-meter breaststroke