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BURNET — Burnet residents should remain cautious if they receive a call from somebody claiming to be from the city of Burnet demanding payment for past-due utility bills.

According to city officials, several Burnet residents have reported getting calls from an individual describing himself or herself as a city employee. The caller tells the resident his or her utility bill is past due and, if the customer doesn’t immediately provide private banking information over the phone, the city will terminate those utility services.

In one situation, a resident even received a letter that appeared to be from the city warning him or her of a pending utility cut-off.

City officials are asking residents to call the Burnet Police Department at (512) 756-6404 if they receive a call or a suspicious notice regarding past-due utility bills.

The city sends out past-due notices on the 21st of each month and never calls citizens demanding payment over the phone, officials said.

According to officials, the caller can become very aggressive and insists on the person immediately making the payment.

Individuals should never provide personal banking information to someone they they don’t know, especially over the phone, Burnet officials said.

Burnet residents can check their utility account status by going to and clicking the “Online Services” link. Citizens can then log in with a secure password they create.

People also may call (512) 756-6093 to speak with the utility department.