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Mountain lion believed responsible for Horseshoe Bay deer carcass


HORSESHOE BAY — A recently found deer carcass in Horseshoe Bay once again has brought attention to the presence of a mountain lion in the area.

According to a news release from the Horseshoe Bay Police Department, a carcass found in the 500 block of Silver Spur Street on March 6 likely was killed by a mountain lion.

While reports of mountain lions are nothing new to Horseshoe Bay, Chief Bill Lane said he wanted to remind residents that no attack or aggressive behavior has ever been reported from the animal.

“I would encourage our residents to recognize that the big cats do periodically visit us, mainly due to our heavy deer population,” Lane said in the release. “I would encourage concern and a common-sense approach to the issue and would absolutely discourage panic.”

Lane did recommend a few precautions such as not letting small children outside unsupervised, walking dogs in the early morning or late evening hours and being aware of your surroundings.

Lane said he recommends the same action for someone who has encountered a mountain lion as he would for a large dog.

“If one is observed, it is important to make noise, yell and to never run from one as it is possible to excite their predatory instincts, and they may chase an animal or person trying to flee,” he said.

Lane said the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has been notified of the carcass. Any sightings of mountain lions or deer kills should be reported to the Horseshoe Bay Police Department at (830) 598-8741 or animal control at (830) 598-2633.

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