PEC members can lease solar panels for their homes


JOHNSON CITY — Pedernales Electric Cooperative members looking to supplement their home’s energy supply with solar energy now have the option to lease solar panels from NRG Residential Solar Solutions.

The leasing options include low up-front costs (compared to purchasing solar panels), locked monthly pricing plans and a money-back power production guarantee.

“Our members have asked for new solar options, and the solar leasing program provides our members options to diversify how their energy needs are met,” said PEC vice president of communications Michael Racis. “NRG Residential Solar Solutions is going to help us make solar energy accessible to our members, which should help us make progress toward our goals for renewable energy and energy efficiency.”

PEC has a marketing affiliation with NRG Residential Solar Solutions, which solar panel company’s Texas director of development Javier Fuentes said will help spread the word to members who have looked into solar panels before but shied away when learning the up-front costs associated with purchasing.

“PEC residential members now have (with leasing) a way to use solar energy in their homes without paying a lot of money up front,” Fuentes said. “Members will have both monthly and pre-paid leasing options, and we take care of the installation and maintenance. Plus, we’ve got a power production guarantee.”

Members leasing solar panels from the solar panel company will be able to interconnect their system with the cooperative’s electric-distribution system.

This interconnection process routes power through a single meter that measures the electricity members receive from PEC and subtracts the amount produced by members’ solar panels.

Surplus electricity above what an interconnected member uses is credited to them on their bill.

Members using the leasing program will sign interconnection agreements and work with PEC to make sure their solar equipment complies with standards outlined in PEC’s interconnection policy.

Members can visit or or call NRG Residential Solar Solutions at 1-855-NRG-SOLAR for complete details about the solar leasing options available.