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Delight in dance in Marble Falls at Hill Country Dance and Cheer

Dance instruction is good for your health, while also building self-confidence say the instructors at Hill Country Dance and Cheer in Marble Falls. They ought to know. Each has years of experience teaching to students of all ages.

Along with increased self-confidence comes increased social interaction. Also, it’s just plain fun!  For kids, it builds motivation and coordination. For adults, it’s about flexibility and strength. Everyone of any age gains in confidence and self-esteem with dance instruction.

The weight conscious can lose 100 calories for every 15 minutes of shake, rattle and roll. Your energy levels will soar and your cholesterol count will drop say the experts. You’ll also build stronger bones and make friends, all while having a good time.

Dance your way to healthy habits

Kids as young as 3 reap tremendous benefits from dance instruction. It’s a great way for kids to work out some of their boundless energy while improving their flexibility, range of motion, coordination, physical strength and stamina. Dance also helps kids improve their social skills. They learn about team work and cooperation while making new friends.

Dancing sparks creativity while building discipline and focus. Studies show that children who participate in dance classes tend to make better grades and are high achievers. It also helps young people feel more comfortable with their bodies as they build strength and coordination.

No matter your age, dancing is a great way to add some activity to your life. The top four benefits of dancing are flexibility, strength, endurance and a sense of well-being. Children mentally or physically impaired can also benefit from dance, according to the experts.

Hill Country Dance and Cheer has over 20 years experience. Offering dance, cheer and gym classes, Hill Country Dance and Cheer is located at 910 9th Street in Marble Falls. Call for more information at (830)693-3310 or visit the web site at