Marble Falls returns to voluntary water restrictions

MARBLE FALLS — Recent rains have led city officials to relax mandatory Stage 2 water restrictions and move to voluntary Stage 1, officials at City Hall said Oct. 3.

“As the hot summer months are behind us and we look forward to cooler temperatures, the city would like customers to continue to water conservatively to allow for preparation of lawns and landscaping for the upcoming winter months,” said Christina Laine, the city’s public information officer.

City officials said while Stage 1 restrictions are voluntary, they will continue to monitor for violations.

Under voluntary water use restrictions:

• Customers are asked to limit watering yards and other landscapes from midnight-10 a.m. and 7 p.m.-midnight on designated outdoor water use days.

• Even-numbered street addresses can water on even numbered days of the month, and customers with odd-numbered street addresses may water on odd number days.

“Water usage has remained below critical levels due to mandatory restrictions, cooler weather and the cooperation of water customers,” Laine said.

Under mandatory restrictions, violators can face citations and even fines.

The restrictions were put in place by the Lower Colorado River Authority, which sells water to Marble Falls and other customers.

Because of the drought that started in October 2010 and continues, firm-water clients have had to conserve water.

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