BETWEEN THE LINES: The Democratic Party convention came up short

Conservative columnist Pat Buchanan wrote a column after the conclusion of the Democratic Party Convention. His main points bear repeating.

The former Republican presidential candidate noted for the first time, the Democratic Party platform was passed without any reference to God.

A controversy ensued and President Barack Obama requested that "God" be reinserted. This amendment needed a two-thirds vote. The first vote appeared indecisive, so convention chairman Antonio Villaraigosa asked for another, which met with similar results. After the third vote, the chairman ruled the amendment passed, which resulted in a chorus of boos ignored by the media.

This should not have come as a surprise as the party only referenced God once in its 2008 platform and seven times in 2004. Although God was not mentioned in the original document, the word "government" appears 55 times, conveying what politicians can do to cure all ills, as the bureaucrats see it.

Another troubling point in the Democrats’ platform is their stance on abortion:  “The Democratic Party strongly and unequivocally supports Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to make decisions regarding her pregnancy, including safe and legal abortion, regardless of the ability to pay.”

This language completely eliminates a man’s parental rights. It is an endorsement of partial-birth abortion and denies the rights of the unborn child. Requiring Americans to pay for a procedure that the majority of Americans oppose is unacceptable.

The Democratic Party also stated their position on gay marriage: “We support marriage equality and support the movement to secure equal treatment under the law for same-sex couples.”

Democrats ignore the fact that 33 states have legislation to the contrary.

As a libertarian, I believe people are free to choose with whom they wish to live, but in so doing, it does not make their decision morally right. Christians believe in free will but also understand the institution of marriage is God-ordained.

Another concern for Christians should be the party’s lack of support for Israel. The platform took out all previous pro-Israel language and failed to recognize Jerusalem as its capitol.

A significant element of the Democratic Party leadership desires to make America a truly secular society by marginalizing religion’s impact

I heard nothing of substance from the convention in Charlotte about a most pressing problem, the growth of the deficit. The most significant issue of our time went virtually unnoticed. Instead, I heard flowery, well-delivered speeches about what government can and should do for us. Nice sound bytes, but all fluff, no specifics.

The upcoming election in November will tell us more about the values we believe than it will about the candidates themselves.

Laughlin is a Christian Libertarian. He is an economist, teacher, father, husband and most recently a grandfather. He has written a weekly column for The Tribune for 13 years. He and his wife Gina reside in Meadowlakes. To contact him, email He is an independent columnist, not a staff member, and his views do not necessarily reflect those of The Tribune or its parent company.


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