OUR TURN: Marble Falls needs awareness campaign for proposals

One thing seems sure — the city of Marble Falls needs to do a better job of educating the populace before holding a town hall meeting next month to discuss sweeping changes to nuisance and property ordinances.

Perhaps more than any other issue in recent history, these changes have become divisive elements in the community, leading to repeated outcries from dozens who fear City Hall is trying to take away simple liberties ranging from what to put on a front porch to where playscapes go.

The fact that more than 40 people jammed a recent City Council meeting to complain about the suggested amendments shows this debate has had a polarizing influence on the community.

And while debate is healthy, some of the invective over this issue has been anything but. To put it bluntly, some people are really worked up over suggestions by city staffers on how to control the appearance of front yards, front porches and the curbside environment.

Officials say the new rules are needed to address yard furniture, parking restrictions, high grass and other residential nuisances.

But repeated comments from residents indicate some believe this is a plot by city staffers to clean up the city so properties will appraise at a higher rate and allow Marble Falls to levy more taxes.

Others worry they will have to request a permit just to throw a birthday party.

Laugh if you want, but these are comments that have actually been uttered during meetings or flashed on website message boards.

Perception is reality, as they say, and City Hall needs to do a better job explaining what exactly the changes are and how they could affect properties.

A public awareness campaign is in order, and even some council members agree Marble Falls has not done a good job clarifying what these changes are and why they are needed.

Better information will counter all the disinformation out there before the meeting is held next month.

The city has already shown it is not intractable and compromise is possible.

During an Aug. 7 session, the council and staff revisited the issue, including modifying limits on the number of cars allowed in a driveway and dropping a requirement for paved driveways.

But the city can’t do all the work. If people want to comment on this issue and hold a reasoned discourse, they need to take the time to do the research.

Residents can look at copies of the proposed ordinance at City Hall, 800 Third St. It can also be viewed through the city’s website at www.ci.marble-falls.tx.us, going to the “City Council” tab on the left and clicking on “Agendas.”

It has been said that knowledge is power. But knowledge is also a two-way street.

The council needs to make sure residents are empowered by knowing the full scope of the changes to the ordinances so that an enlightened discussion based on information and not rumor takes place.

At the same time, those who are taking issue with the ordinance need to make sure they know what they’re talking about.


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