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MARBLE FALLS — About three dozen people were evacuated after an electrical fire ignited by a display case fixture at the Walmart Supercenter, fire officials say.

Marble Falls Fire Rescue was called to the Marble Falls store, located on the 2700 block of U.S. 281, at approximately 7 a.m. Fire officials say they discovered the melting light fixture “sparking and arcing’  at the meat counter in the north end of the store.

“Behind where the shelves are, there are light fixtures. One of those light fixtures shorted out and it caught on fire,” Chief Johnny Caraway said. “It got behind the wall. it was still shorting, and we had a hard time finding the electrical cutoff.”

Fire crews needed to climb onto the roof to access the cutoff, he said.

“There was no real smoke and a small fire and it was put out quick,” Caraway said. “They did evacuate the store. They did a good job and everybody was outside when we got there.”

After about an hour, an electrician was able to secure the wiring and the store re-opened, Caraway said.

“It was very minimal damage,” he said. “Nobody was injured. It went real well.”