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The U.S. Supreme Court regained its senses June 28 and realized it should be serving the Constitution instead of corporate/banking America.

Chief Justice John Roberts broke away from the ideological and political wings of the court and, with the other four thinking justices, wrote a plurality opinion on the Affordable Health Care Act that preserved the major elements designed to help Americans when health-care issues arise. It was a landmark decision and firmly tweaked the noses of those beholden to the health-care insurance industry.

The ink on the decision was barely dry before the lies and disinformation from GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney began. He said he would act to repeal the law from Day 1. He can’t. Congress has that power. He said the act drives a government wedge between people and their doctors. It does not. It actually allows more people to have a doctor and does not interfere with physicians’ decisions — unlike the cost accountants running private health-care insurance companies.

Romney says he wants to go back to the way it was. Really? Those were the days when the cost of health care was competing with the Saturn V booster rocket to leave Earth’s gravity. Romney said the act will add to the deficit and individuals’ costs. It will not. In fact, since the ACA has been law, costs have stabilized. Moreover, the Congressional Budget Office determined the deficit will be significantly reduced during the next two decades because government health-care costs will be reduced and paid for by the tax.

Romney said Americans will not be able to choose their own insurance or physician. False. Medicare will not be reduced by $500 billion as he says. With the ACA in place, 33 million more Americans are covered and won’t have to use the extremely costly emergency room service as their first line of care. Medicare costs will be reduced.

It is true the majority of surveyed Americans are against “Obamacare." If one asks them about the different aspects of the ACA — such as no discrimination based on sex or previous condition, adults up to 26 being included in their parents’ coverage, the reduction of medication costs, no canceling of coverage when sick and having their payments reduced over the private insurers — they say, “Yes! Those are the things we want.” This dichotomy is a direct result of the disinformation campaign the health-care insurance industry has spent tens of millions of dollars on while infusing the GOP with the lies and distortions that now pass for their campaign rhetoric.

Rep. Paul Broun, R-Ga., recently said that June 28 was a sad day for liberty. I guess the freedom from want and pain doesn’t count with him. Does it also not matter to the GOP that freedom from health-related financial ruin saves family homes and cohesiveness? It should be clear that Republicans value money over people.

Be alert to the disinformation coming from the Republicans. They just don’t want President Barack Obama to succeed, and they will do anything and say anything to give the illusion that this administration is harming the country. It is not. The Supreme Court agreed.

Turner is a retired teacher and industrial engineer who lives near Marble Falls. He is an independent columnist, not a staff member, and his views do not necessarily reflect those of The Tribune or its parent company. "The Voter’s Guide to National Salvation" is a newly published e-book from Turner. You can find it at He can be reached by email at