Marble Falls commission debates future of possible parkland

MARBLE FALLS — There are plenty of ideas but no consensus yet from city commissioners about developing 9 acres of potential parkland on one of the city’s highest points.

The tract at Park View and Park Ridge drives dominated much of the discussion at the July 2 meeting of the Parks and Recreation Commission.

Ideas ranged from a dog park to creating a serene spot for meditation and even selling the parcel.

Not everyone wants the land to be the city’s newest park, one commissioner noted.

Though on a high spot, the tract is in a low-lying area and residents across the street don’t want the city to build something that will increase traffic to the neighborhood, said Chairman Dave Rhodes.

Instead, the city might be able to sell it, he added.

“I would not be ready to say it doesn’t have a future,” countered Commissioner Bern Myers, who lives a block from the tract.

Though he agreed people who live there don’t want increased traffic, the land could be turned into a place to meditate with a water element, benches and picnic tables.

“There’s not a recreation or meditative place in that area,” he said.

Myers suggested allowing a nature conservancy to develop the land.

His idea of contacting a conservancy picked up support from fellow Commissioner Bob Fallis.

“I’d love to be a part of the Parks Commission that did something about that (land),” he said.

Commissioner Kendra Lewis mentioned turning the tract into a dog park.

Fallis also said service clubs might be interested in pitching in and creating a park at the spot.

The land is situated on one of the highest points in the city, Parks and Recreation Director Robert Moss said, adding residents who live there would like to see a walking trail or a quiet park with “a few picnic tables but nothing to attract the community.”

“The biggest challenge is the water,” he said. “There’s no way to keep water there.”

Many people walk in that area and only one side of the street has a sidewalk, said resident Christian Fletcher, who lives close to the tract.

Rhodes noted that whatever suggestion the commission arrived at, the City Council still has final approval.

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