Marble Falls 7-on-7 football team making offensive strides in competition

MARBLE FALLS — After tying Llano High School 14-14 to start a night of 7-on-7 play June 12, Marble Falls High School won its next two games 20-14 and 21-13.

“We struggled offensively, we were a little slower,” Mustangs coordinator Bill Poe said. “But we started to pick it up offensively. Defensively, we’re doing a good job. We’re covering a lot of grass.”

The Mustangs are 5-0-1 in 7-on-7 competition.

PHOTO 1: Marble Falls High School’s Ishaiah Carson catches a ball in stride to score a 45-yard touchdown from Mustang quarterback Mike Richardson during 7-on-7 play against Llano on June 12. Staff photos by Jennifer Fierro

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