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MARBLE FALLS — A new city pool featuring a water park could be built in the next five to eight years to replace the current facility in Lakeside Park, which is becoming more expensive to operate and repair, officials said.

As part of the city’s master plan, the Parks and Recreation Department has proposed constructing a $3 million swimming facility with a water slide, a water cannon, a “lazy river” and other water-park features, said Director Robert Moss.

Workmen earlier this summer re-plastered the Marble Falls city pool in Lakeside Park. City officials said upkeep of the 35-year-old facility is becoming too expensive. They propose building a new pool and water park in five to eight years. File photo

There also could be swimming lanes for competition and wading, he added.

“It would not be a large commercial operation like a Schlitterbahn,” Moss said.

He referred to Schlitterbahn Waterparks, which operates water-recreation facilities in New Braunfels, South Padre Island and several other cities.

The facility will be connected to one water system, he added.

The vision is borne out of necessity, Moss indicated.

Sooner or later, the Lakeside Park swimming pool at 305 Buena Vista Drive will cost more than what it is worth, he said.