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The Marble Falls Independent School District Board of Trustees unanimously approved several measures to upgrade school safety at all campuses during a special meeting on Monday, June 3.

Tops on the list are the purchase of “non-scalable” fencing, egress gates, a school safety software program, and entry-resistant film for door windows.

“We want to continually think of ways that make sense that let our staff and students know that their safety is our top priority,” MFISD Assistant Superintendent of Administration Stan Whittle told

The upgrades follow school safety mandates from the 2023 Texas Legislature, including House Bill 3.

“School safety is our top priority,” Whittle said. “We pride ourselves on being a step ahead.”

He explained that the district will pay for the improvements through three grants totaling over $1.8 million.

“They will fund all the projects approved (on June 3),” he said. “We will have remaining money to use for additional safety measures.”


MFISD trustees approved a five-year, $504,700 contract with software provider Centegix for a new safety platform at all campuses.

The system is comprehensive.

“It provides digital mapping,” Whittle said. “It will know where all our (defibrillators) and (tourniquets) are located. It’s going to know where any and everything we need is located.”

All faculty, from administrators to custodians, will have access to the system via badges that feature an alert button.

“If we have a medical emergency or an altercation, a staff member can push (the) button three times and someone will respond,” Whittle said.

The badges will not track personnel.

“It’s not like a GPS that’s always on,” Whittle said. “It only activates when you push the button a certain amount of times.”

The new software will also change the way visitors check in at MFISD campuses.

“Currently, when visitors come to our schools, they get a sticker to put on,” Whittle said. “This will give them a visitor badge that’s yellow. It will actually track visitors. We will know exactly who is in our buildings and where they are.”

Whittle called the Centegix system the cutting-edge of campus security software.

“It’s definitely going to increase our overall safety,” he said. 


Trustees also approved new fencing and gates at several campuses for roughly $97,000.

Fences will be erected at Marble Falls Elementary, Spicewood Elementary, Marble Falls Middle School, and Marble Falls High School. 

A taller fence will replace the existing one at the high school’s welding building.

“(The fence) has to be ‘non-scalable,’” said Whittle in reference to rules laid out in House Bill 3.

The district will also place fencing slats around playgrounds at Marble Falls Elementary and Spicewood Elementary.

“It will provide security and privacy for those kids,” Whittle said.

Two egress gates are going up at Marble Falls Middle School so staff and students can easily evacuate dangerous situations if necessary.

“In the event that there’s a bad guy and they need a way out, we’ve got to provide them a way out,” Whittle said.

Other gates are planned at Colt Elementary, Highland Lakes Elementary, Marble Falls Elementary, Spicewood Elementary, and Marble Falls High School.

Whittle pointed out the “balancing act” of providing safety while remaining welcoming to students, staff, and visitors.

“We have to meet certain requirements, but we always want an environment that’s community-friendly and welcoming,” he said. “We do not want (schools) to look like a prison or penitentiary.”


MFISD also received the go-ahead to purchase over $50,000 worth of entry-resistant film for windows on back and side doors at all campuses. Similar window film was installed at entryways district-wide following board approval in June 2023.

“We’ve been very pleased with the film that was installed in the fall,” Whittle said.