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The Granite Shoals Community Cat Advisory Committee is asking residents to help it track down free-roaming felines. 

“We need the community’s help to help us find these cats,” committee Chair Michele Landfield said during the Granite Shoals City Council meeting on May 14.

The committee was formed in January to humanely manage the city’s wild cats through a trap-neuter-release program.

Landfield told that the group’s current challenge is keeping track of where the cats congregate.

Residents can report stray cats by contacting City Hall at 830-598-2424 or

Since January, the committee has processed 39 cats through the TNR program and plans to hold monthly trapping events as long as volunteers and funding are available.

Landfield did not have an estimate for the number of feral cats in the city but believes it could be in the hundreds.

The Community Cat Advisory Committee also needs volunteers to foster kittens until they are old enough to be spayed or neutered, which is typically six to eight weeks.

“We’re trying to control the population,” Landfield said. “If we can spay and neuter as many as we can before they’re old enough to have babies, there won’t be as many kittens.”

1 thought on “Help spot stray cats in Granite Shoals

  1. Good luck stopping nature’s course with a trap and release program. Y’all are delusional if you think that will work. Want to do something good for the environment and all the birds, reptiles and small mammals killed by these feral felines? Trap and euthanize the cats, period, end of story.

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