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Ascension Seton offices still struggling with cyberattack

Ascension Seton Marble Falls Health Center, 1009 Falls Parkway, was affected by the nationwide ransomware attack on the medical company’s computer system. Staff photo by Suzanne Freeman

Ascension Seton offices in the Highland Lakes are still in recovery mode following a ransomware attack on May 8 that took down the health care company’s computers nationwide. All Ascension Seton facilities are open despite the difficulties, a company spokesperson said.

“We are making progress toward restoration,” said a spokesperson at Ascension Seton’s Texas headquarters in Austin. “We are still engaging in downtime procedures across our Ascension Texas hospitals.”

Ransomware is malicious software or malware that encrypts computer systems until a ransom is paid to release the data. The cyberattack disabled the electronic record-keeping systems used by Ascension Seton hospitals and clinics across the United States. 

A Marble Falls Ascension Seton office reported on Thursday that it and the Burnet facilities were back online. The spokesperson corrected that information on Friday, saying local offices are still experiencing problems. 

Patient privacy has not been compromised, according to a webpage that has been posting daily updates on the recovery

“If we determine sensitive data was potentially exfiltrated or accessed as part of this incident, we will notify applicable individuals and parties in accordance with our obligations,” reads a statement on the webpage. 

Until all Ascension Seton facilities are back online, patients are asked to bring prescription information, including bottles, and any necessary medical information to appointments.

2 thoughts on “Ascension Seton offices still struggling with cyberattack

  1. Any Ascension patients need to shut down their credit reporting. This cyber attack was a huge privacy breach.

    1. I don’t think that is correct. It was reported as a ransomware attack and that as far as is now known, no patient data was compromised.

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