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EDITOR’S NOTE: Candidates’ answers have NOT been edited except for spelling and grammar when needed for clarity. does not endorse candidates or candidates’ answers.

None of the three candidates for the open seat of Burnet County tax assessor-collector received more than 50 percent of the vote in the March Republican primary. Top vote-getters DeAnne Fisher and Susan Allen will go head to head for the job in the May 28 primary runoff. Early voting is May 20-24. 

In the March 5 primary, Fisher received 3,699 votes (44.6 percent to Susan Allen’s 3,033 votes (36.57). The third candidate, Adrienne Feild, received 1,562 votes (18.83 percent). 



Hello, my name is Susan Allen, and I am running for Burnet County tax assessor-collector as a Republican. On November 1 of this year, I will celebrate my 20th year of service in the Burnet County Tax Office. I am the Chief Deputy tax assessor-collector under incumbent Sheri Frazier. I supervise the Marble Falls tax office and staff and have for the majority of my almost 20 years. 

I oversee and am responsible for over 2,000 transactions a month that total close to, and at times, over $1 million. I keep up with the ever-changing Texas vehicle laws and educate staff. I work diligently to help educate the public to prevent title fraud and unnecessary penalties. I am proud to be known as the go-to person for vehicle titles and registration. Over the years, I have worked hard to establish great working relationships within the community. I truly love my job and the people I serve! I am the only candidate with management and tax office experience and the best fit for the job.


My name is DeAnne Fisher, and I am seeking your vote to be your Republican nominee for Burnet County Tax Assessor-Collector. I have been blessed to call Burnet County my home for over 43 years. I possess 30 years of experience in finance, lending, and title, 12 of which I have served as Burnet County Chief Deputy Treasurer. 

My experience is not just in managing county, state, and federal funds, but I have also upheld reporting procedures that ensure transparency and trust for all. Being elected as Burnet County Tax Assessor-collector will further the capacity in which I can serve the citizens of Burnet County. I will operate and maintain a friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and efficient office. In today’s world, we have so much technology available, but I truly believe that human interaction is invaluable. 

Excellent customer service is the foundation on which the tax assessor-collector office can make a positive impact on our community. When elected, I will continue to ensure that your tax assessor’s office’s purpose, as employees of the county government, is to serve the taxpayers of Burnet County with integrity and respect.


At a recent candidates forum, one of you mentioned that the number of stolen cars in the county is rising. What is the tax assessor-collector’s role in helping victims of car theft? What can the office do to help streamline the process?

ALLEN: Once a vehicle is stolen, there isn’t much the tax assessor-collector can do. The tax assessor-collector’s role is to help prevent a customer from purchasing a stolen vehicle or a vehicle with a fraudulent title. This is done through educating a person prior to the sale. If a customer can provide us with a VIN number or a picture of the front and back of a vehicle title, we can help spot any issues. Even if this is not available, we can still educate people on what to look for and be wary of to protect themselves. The best scenario is to meet the person you’re buying the vehicle from at the tax office. This way, if there are any issues they can be immediately resolved before you pay for the vehicle. Lastly, be aware: a legitimate Texas dealer, by law, has to collect tax, title, and registration from you. They are responsible for transferring the vehicle into your name and getting your plates. If you’re unsure about anything vehicle-related, please come see us. We are here to help!

FISHER: As the county continues to grow in population, unfortunately, so do other areas, such as crime. The tax assessor-collector works to keep records current and up-to-date to make sure the Auto Theft Task Force has the information readily available when needed. The tax assessor-collector can provide a secure place to handle title transfers at the time of a transaction before a fraudulent title is exchanged. We can help educate the citizens of Burnet County on what to look out for and provide information on where to validate a vehicle identification number prior to purchase. Burnet County is fortunate to have an Auto Theft Task Force team that handles Burnet County auto theft, with which I have a great working relationship. 


Also mentioned in a previous forum was the possible need for more staff. How many and for what job duties? How would you pay for these new positions if you agree they are needed? 

ALLEN: During my campaign, I have never stated the need for more staff. I believe my opponent stated she would add staff to do boat registration. I am not opposed to doing boat registrations. However, I would never just add staff until I knew the impact boat registrations had on the office. 

Being a Conservative Republican, I believe it is a top priority to be fiscally responsible to your taxpayers. Unlike vehicles, boat registrations are done every two years, and there are not nearly as many boats as there are vehicles in the county. You have to be sure it pays the county enough to warrant another employee. Some tax assessor-collectors open boat registration to anyone in the state to cover the cost. We would undoubtedly get Travis, Williamson, and Llano county residents, just to name a few, wanting to register here. There’s no way I would ever allow people who don’t pay taxes here to use Burnet County employees and resources. I have many years of tax office and management experience. As my opponent stated at the February 8 forum she does not.

FISHER: At this time, the current budget does not allocate funds for any additional staff to be added. More than likely it will be many years before the county budgeting process will be able to provide us with additional staff or larger facilities. In the meantime, I think it will be important to find options that serve the taxpayers to the absolute best of our ability, as they should be our number one priority, not just today but every day!  

As your next tax assessor-collector I will operate and maintain a friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and efficient tax office that focuses on serving the taxpayers of Burnet County with integrity and respect.  


One candidate advocated removing the clear plastic dividers between staff and the public that were erected during the pandemic. Another suggestion was to have longer office hours, at least one day a week. What is your stand on these issues? Do you have any other suggestions for improving community outreach?

ALLEN: The clear plastic barriers between the staff and the public are a health and safety issue. I don’t believe it’s a sign of an unfriendly office. Almost every Burnet County office that deals with the public has them.

Longer office hours one day a week may sound good but would be difficult to achieve. All the other offices in the annexes either close by 5 p.m. or sooner. The tax assessor-collector would be responsible for any safety concerns and securing the buildings at closing. A better suggestion may be to research doing registrations at the local grocery store like many counties. Also, with state inspections being eliminated Jan. 1, 2025, online registration will be much easier. Customers will not have to worry if their inspection is verified or not. 

Throughout my campaign I’ve been periodically doing Did you know … segments on my Facebook pages. These are helpful hints. Things people may not normally know and may save them time and money on transferring and registering vehicles. As tax assessor-collector, I would continue to use sources such as social media as a means to stay connected to the community, to be able to assist and address any concerns and educate.

FISHER: I intend to remove the glass barriers as I no longer feel that they are necessary. In today’s world, we have so much technology available, and artificial intelligence is becoming more prevalent in our everyday lives. I believe that human interaction is invaluable, and excellent customer service will always be valued and appreciated. It does not cost anything to treat people with integrity and respect.  

I will also offer extended business hours at least one day a week in Burnet and in Marble Falls, keeping the drive-thru open after 5 p.m., making it possible for citizens who cannot get to the tax office prior to 4:30 p.m. to obtain their vehicle registration tags. Additionally, when elected as your next tax assessor-collector, I will facilitate watercraft/boat registrations in cooperation with Texas Parks and Wildlife. 

This service is not currently available here in Burnet County.


What do you see as the biggest challenge facing the tax assessor-collector’s office in the next five to 10 years, and what are your plans to deal with it? 

ALLEN: One challenge, of course, is the growing population in the area. It would have to be closely monitored to see when more staff and resources may be needed. The tax assessor-collector’s job really doesn’t change. It’s Texas vehicle and registration laws and rules that are constantly changing. The challenge is being sure you understand them and your staff understands them. 

Many changes are coming in 2025. No more inspections and changes to temporary tags are examples. Don’t be surprised by the end of next year when you buy a new vehicle and drive away with metal plates. This will definitely have a big impact on the tax office. If the state decides the tax assessor-collectors must distribute the plates to dealers, there may be storage issues. Basically, the tax assessor-collector has to go with the flow and be ready for anything. I have trained hard for this job and I have already faced many challenges over the years in the tax office. I will always have an open mind and listen to taxpayers’ concerns and needs. People know me to be friendly, helpful, and dedicated. I have the knowledge and resources to face any new challenges. Bring it on. I’m ready!

FISHER: We know the population here in Burnet County will continue to grow over the next five to 10 years. At this time it would be difficult for anyone to pinpoint the future challenges or needs of the tax assessor-collector’s office. With each legislative session, there are possible changes that could directly affect the tax-assessor collector’s office. It will be my duty to ensure all legislative changes pertaining to the office are researched and policies and procedure changes are implemented and updated, as required. 

When elected, I will continue to evaluate the daily needs and services being offered while ensuring that our daily processes are streamlined in order to best serve the taxpayers. I will strive to conservatively manage the tax assessor-collector’s office while offering the most services available in a fiscally responsible manner.