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Plans unveiled for Shops at Flatrock Crossing in Marble Falls

A site plan for The Shops at Flatrock Crossing was unveiled by development representatives during a regular meeting of the Marble Falls City Council on May 7, 2024. Screen-captured image

The largest sporting goods store in Texas could be coming to Marble Falls, and it “starts with an A,” according to representatives from The Shops at Flatrock Crossing, who would not name the chain at the Marble Falls City Council meeting on Tuesday, May 7.

“There’s a big anchor sporting goods store that’s based in Houston that we have agreed to all their lease comments today,” said Bobby Johnson, the shopping center’s tenant representative. “(The agreement) hasn’t been executed yet, so they don’t want us to say their name.”

The Shops at Flatrock Crossing is a $130 million, 350,000-square-foot retail center that is expected to be built on U.S. 281 between the 7-11 convenience store at FM 2147 East and the Marble Falls Rodeo Arena south of the bridge.

“We want to be in the ground by June 1,” said Johnson regarding the center’s construction schedule. “We’ll turn over space in August 2025 for an October opening.”

Johnson and development representatives are currently “in negotiations” with Ulta Beauty, T.J. Maxx, Five Below, Micheals, and Famous Footwear. Artisan jeweler James Avery has already signed its lease.

“My sales job has been fairly easy because if you mention Marble Falls, they’re all over themselves,” Johnson said.

The Marble Falls City Council unanimously approved a 10-year, $15 million sales-tax rebate for the shopping center at the meeting.

“We expect about $1.75 billion over the next 10 years,” said Economic Development Corp. Executive Director Christian Fletcher regarding the center’s projected economic impact.

An 87,050-square-foot grocery store is also planned for the development. 

“Literally, we’ve spoken with every grocer you can think of,” Johnson said. “The 8,000-pound gorilla that’s in town already scares the hell out of them. They just can’t compete.”

Johnson hinted that the “8,000-pound gorilla” (H-E-B) could be the eventual grocery tenant at The Shops at Flatrock Crossing.

“We think even if they did a second store or a smaller store, it would relieve some of the tension off of the store that they have because it’s packed all the time,” he said.

The shopping center will be able to accommodate any grocer who wants to include a fuel station.

“We’ve got a location we can put fuel in as well,” he said. “We can cover whatever they need if they’ll just give us the time.”

The Shops at Flatrock Crossing will be built on land that has been owned by the Roper family for about a hundred years.

“This is emotional for me, but this is something major for the community,” landowner Russ Roper said tearfully. “This is all to help the community.”

Roper offered insight into the inner workings of the deal.

“Our family is not selling the property,” he said. “We are partnering with Bobby Johnson and our development team to develop this property. This is not a sale; we are participating.”

Mayor Pro-tem Dee Haddock spoke directly to residents concerned about the shopping center “taking away business” from local business owners.

“People are leaving the area to get these products and services, so if (those products and services) are here, the people will stay here,” he said. “What does that create if people stay in the community and are not vacating it to shop elsewhere? They will go to the other stores that are here locally.”

Councilors Griff Morris and Karlee Cauble were absent from the meeting.

9 thoughts on “Plans unveiled for Shops at Flatrock Crossing in Marble Falls

  1. Any news regarding restaurants that may be coming to the retail space?
    Thank you.

    1. We are in contact with multiple restaurants. We hope to announce these in the near future.

  2. How about employees for this new development? The cost of an apartment is way to high to have a job at these places. Is any one going to adjust the cost of living so we have people who can afford to live here and work in those places?

  3. We desperately need some competition for our local HEB from other grocery stores! Our store tries to promote and sell only their products by placing other brands on bottom shelves, letting them stay out of stock for long periods of time, then dropping them on the pretense that “no one was buying them”.

  4. Has the Marble Falls council figured out how much water will be needed? They probably don’t care, it just gives them a bigger power base when these kinds of developments are in place. They never ask the locals what they want.

    1. A commercial project like this does not use near as much water as a residential subdivision. So it should not have a large impact on the water supply.

      1. It would probably have the same or more impact as a neighborhood development. If I read that plan right it looks like 28 available units to lease. A good majority of them if not all will have a public restroom. Any of those which become restaurants will use a lot of water due to shear volume. Far more than the average households in a neighborhood combined.

    1. YES! A Sams or Costco would be so nice! Nearest one is an hour and 15 min from my house. Would love one here! moderates all comments. Comments with profanity, violent or discriminatory language, defamatory statements, or threats will not be allowed. The opinions and views expressed here are those of the person commenting and do not necessarily reflect the official position of or Victory Media Marketing.

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