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Meadowlakes POA requiring ID for roofers to enter gated city

Meadowlakes Texas

Valid state identification is required for roofers entering the city of Meadowlakes. File photo

Gatekeepers for the Meadowlakes Property Owners’ Association are requiring that all roofers present valid state identification before being allowed into the incorporated gated community. 

The move follows a “barrage of storm-chasers” entering the city in the aftermath of a large hailstorm on April 9, POA President Don Wheeler told

“Storm-chasers” refers to individuals who use scare tactics to persuade homeowners to replace their roofs immediately after a severe weather event.  

“The reason (for the ID request) is to keep our residents safe from being besieged by people knocking on their doors and soliciting,” he said.

Wheeler pointed to Meadowlakes’ strict policy barring non-permitted solicitation inside the city as further reason for the crackdown.

“They can be prosecuted under state law for trespassing if they don’t have permission to be in a certain area or a certain residence,” he said.

The policy does not apply to other visitors.

“It’s not preventing anyone from coming in that’s supposed to be here, has authorization to be here, or would normally be here,” Wheeler said. 

It also doesn’t deter roofers with work permits from entering.

“People that are doing jobs that have permits are fine,” he said. “We don’t have any issue with that.”

Wheeler also spoke to the legality of the policy.

“We have the right to do it because we have private streets,” he said, referring to the fact that the Meadowlakes POA funds road improvements.

The POA will do away with the policy once the rush of non-local contractors dies down, Wheeler said.

“We’re waiting out the storm right now,” he said.

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