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Emergency info for April 8 eclipse

Trespassing calls will be deemed a non-emergency by law enforcement officials during the April 8 total solar eclipse.

Highland Lakes residents can stay safe by staying alert during the total solar eclipse on Monday, April 8, when over 100,000 people are expected to flood the area for one of the best views of totality in Texas.

Officials in area cities and Burnet and Llano counties have been preparing for over a year for the rush of tourists that could strain resources. Because of the expected temporary increase in population — one official called it “Memorial Day on steroids” — officials will prioritize emergency calls to ensure first responders are available for those in dire need of assistance.

Members of the Highland Lakes Amateur Radio Emergency Services have set up communication stations across the Highland Lakes, including command posts at the Burnet County Sheriff’s Office and the Llano County Emergency Management Office. If 911 operations were to go down for any reason, amateur radio operators will be able to communicate with dispatchers. The Command Net is on 147.020 mHz Repeater at 100 Hz. 

Other calls for assistance — namely trespassing — will be deemed non-emergencies. 

Below are tips for how to handle trespassing during the eclipse:

  • Post no-trespassing signs to discourage unwanted guests.
  • Do not act confrontational with trespassers.



  • 830-693-3611 is the non-emergency line for Burnet, Cottonwood Shores, Granite Shoals, Horseshoe Bay, Marble Falls, and Meadowlakes
  • 512-756-8080 is the non-emergency line for unincorporated areas


  • 325-247-5767 is the non-emergency line for the Llano County Sheriff’s Office
  • 325-247-4158 is the non-emergency line for the city of Llano
  • 830-598-8741 is the non-emergency line for the city of Horseshoe Bay
  • 325-388-6438 for the city of Sunrise Beach Village

If someone’s life is threatened, call or text 911 for help in either county.


Officials also encourage people to address minor injuries themselves by stocking a first aid kit with essentials.

Area clinics and hospitals include:


Ascension Seton Highland Lakes

3201 S. Water St. (U.S. 281 South), Burnet


Ascension Seton Marble Falls Health Center

1009 Falls Parkway, Marble Falls


Baylor Scott & White Hospital

800 Texas 71, Marble Falls


Baylor Scott & White Hospital Clinic

706 Avenue G, Marble Falls


Lone Star Circle of Care at Marble Falls

802 Avenue J, Marble Falls


NextCare Urgent Care

1701 U.S. 281, Marble Falls



MidCoast Central Medical Center

200 W. Ollie St., Llano


Ascension Seton Kingsland Health Center

525 RM 2900, Kingsland


HCM Immediate Care Clinic

1310 Ford St., Llano


MidCoast Wellcare

102 W. Dallas St., Llano


Baylor Scott & White-Llano Clinic

102 E. Young St., Llano


Baylor Scott & White-Kingsland Clinic

105 FM 2342, Kingsland


Hill Country Direct Care

906 Ford St., Llano


1 thought on “Emergency info for April 8 eclipse

  1. It would be very helpful if people could cut and paste the emergency numbers from this article instead of having to write down every one of them. I’d love to keep the list near my phone but I guess I’ll have to access it on your website when the power goes out or the zombies attack. LOL

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