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Snack donations needed to boost eclipse first responders

Rachel Naumann, Ben Henderson

Highland Lakes Crisis Network Operations Director Rachel Naumann and Office Manager Ben Henderson fill snack bags for first responders in Burnet and Llano counties in preparation for the impact days surrounding the solar eclipse on April 8. From April 4 through April 9, it's all hands on deck for communities expecting an influx of tourists to view the eclipse. Staff photo by Dakota Morrissiey

The Highland Lakes Crisis Network is collecting donations of non-perishable snacks to fill 500 bags for first responders working overtime on the days surrounding the April 8 total solar eclipse. Snacks should be left at the HLCN office, 700 Avenue T, portable No. 3 in Marble Falls, no later than 4 p.m. Thursday, April 4. 

Donation examples include mixed nuts, dried fruits, protein bars, jerky, chips, pretzels, and nut butters. 

“If we get enough, we can distribute in both Burnet and Llano counties and all the different cities involved,” said HLCN Executive Director Kevin Naumann. “That adds up to a lot of first responders.” 

The Crisis Network is working with emergency management in both counties as well as the Burnet County Tourism Bureau on eclipse preparation. 

“Some of the first responders will be stuck at their stations or operation centers during the few days around the eclipse,” Naumann said. “They may not be able to get home, so we want to give them things to bring comfort or get them through an overloaded work situation.” 

First responders will be staged at different points across the Highland Lakes and might get stuck on the side of the road handling traffic or other issues. 

“The snack bags will be on hand to give them an energy boost if they get stuck,” Naumann said. 

For more information on the eclipse and safety preparations underway, visit