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Marble Falls residents can view a draft of the city’s new comprehensive plan during an open house from 6-8 p.m. Tuesday, March 12, at Lakeside Pavilion, 307 Buena Vista Drive.

“It’s input into what your city’s going to look like — not today but tomorrow,” Mayor Dave Rhodes said. “There’s all kinds of issues that will be discussed. This is an opportunity for the citizenry to give their input.”

The open house comes before the drafted plan is sent to the Marble Falls Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council for adoption later this spring.

“It’s not final,” Rhodes said. “We’re a couple of months off away from it being final.”

Last updated in 2016, the comprehensive plan is a decision-making “guide” for city officials. 

“We haven’t done one in a while, so we’re really excited to get this one on the books,” Rhodes said.

The plan addresses capital improvements and zoning and helps elected officials create budgets for future fiscal years.

“It’s a cohesive plan that pulls your city together in a specific direction for specific reasons and purposes,” Rhodes said.

It also plays a role in the city’s eligibility for state and federal grants.

“(Grant awarders) need to be able to see that you’re actually planning as a city and that you’re not shooting from the hip,” Rhodes said.

Survey results from residents helped shape the plan.

“The idea behind getting the citizenry involved is that they’re a big part of what the city is going to look like,” Rhodes said. 

He believes the drafted plan does a good job of balancing the varied opinions of city stakeholders.

“We put all these thoughts together and tried to mix it in with the flavor and character of the city that already exists,” Rhodes said. “This is what we think it should look like based on all those conversations.”

2 thoughts on “See plan for city of ‘tomorrow’ at Marble Falls open house

  1. Will the survey results be shown at the open house so the average citizen can compare them to the plan being presented? Also which Stakeholders put this plan together and who is classified as a stakeholder in Marble falls?

  2. Hmm so basically it is going to be like all the previous comprehensive plans that were pieced together by a very small group of stakeholders who want their personal visions directing the path the city takes. Most of these visions will never happen like the plan calls for. Never fully does.

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