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Mysterious boom rattles Highland Lakes

Lighthouse Country Club head golf pro Larry Courtney

Lighthouse Country Club head golf pro Larry Courtney described a large boom that shook the pro shop in Kingsland early Jan. 29. Courtney assumed a golf cart had struck the building with enough force to rock the structure and rattle its windows. However, residents across the Highland Lakes reported a similar experience. Staff photo by Dakota Morrissiey

A large boom was felt and heard at around 11:20 a.m. Monday, Jan. 29, in several Highland Lakes towns. Its source remains a mystery, but it reportedly shook structures and rattled windows in communities along the border of Llano and Burnet counties.

Many Highland Lakes residents took to social media after the boom and reported experiencing it as far north as Tow and as far south as Sunrise Beach Village and even Granite Shoals. reached out to the Llano County Sheriff’s Office, Burnet County Sheriff’s Office, and Granite Shoals Police Department for information on the blast, but as of 2:30 p.m. Monday, its origin had not been publicly determined.

LCSO Patrol Lt. Tim McClane told that the boom was called in and investigated, but no source or exact location were found. spoke with several bystanders in Kingsland, all of whom reported feeling or hearing the boom. Larry Courtney, the head golf pro at Lighthouse Country Club on 118 Club Circle in Kingsland, said he thought a golf cart had crashed into the pro shop.

“I heard a loud boom and felt it,” he said. “I almost thought somebody ran a golf cart into the building. It was a pretty good-sized boom.”

“Mysterious booms” were also experienced in Williamson County in late December. Georgetown residents reported shaking homes and rattling windows. The source of those booms has not been publicly determined.