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House of Cheese a door to worldly flavors

House of Cheese in Marble Falls

Marble Falls High School juniors Jalen Rogiers and T.J. Garcia interview House of Cheese owner Savannah Gonzalez while on assignment for Career Day with Victory Media. Staff photo by Dakota Morrissiey

Editor’s Note: This story was written by Marble Falls High School juniors Jalen Rogiers and T.J. Garcia, who visited Victory Media, home of, for the Rotary Club of Marble Falls’ Career Day on Jan. 25. 

House of Cheese in downtown Marble Falls offers an array of exotic cheeses from around the world. Owners Savannah Gonzalez and Meritt Coughran took a leap of faith and built their budding business off of a shared love for gourmet cheeses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gonzalez and Coughran opened up shop in 2021 with the simple mission of bringing fine cheeses to the Highland Lakes. On our visit to the storefront, located at 209 Main St., we saw an impressive collection of local and international cheeses and even got to sample some. While neither of us had ever heard of the cheeses we tried, we both agreed that they were some of the best we had ever tasted.

There were dozens of cheeses on display, and we joked with Gonzalez that we’d try them all if we could.

“We get that comment a lot,” she laughed. “I always joke back that it would take about two and half hours.”

We sampled three types of exotic cheese, including chili chego and a truffle cheese, both from Spain. We also tried House of Cheese’s best seller, Prairie Breeze, a sharp, crumbly cheddar from Iowa with tangy pineapple undertones.

Gonzalez and Coughran opened House of Cheese when many businesses were shut down due to the pandemic. Gonzalez said they got the other side of the coin and had a little bit of mental space to get their business up and running. 

Neither of them are cheesemakers, but they enjoy exotic and unique cheeses at dinner and delve into pairings with wine and cured meats.

“I think it’s important to understand the process (of making cheese), but that doesn’t mean you have to actually be proficient in the process,” Gonzalez explained.

She compared it to being a wine connoisseur and knowing the flavor profiles, vintages, and grapes, but not actually being a vintner. 

If the sheer number of cheese options seems intimidating, don’t worry: Gonzalez and Coughran make them accessible. Customers are welcome to try the offerings before they make their purchase, so they know what they’re getting.

We gave House of Cheese an 8.5 out of 10 on the Rogiers-Garcia Scale of Good Times. Excellent customer service, great-tasting cheese, and exquisite choices. 

House of Cheese also offers tastings and educational events. Whether you’re looking to expand your cheese horizons or take home a hunk of havarti, House of Cheese is the place to go.