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Burnham brothers monument unveiling Jan. 30 at Lakeside Park

Burnham Brothers Sporting Goods in Marble Falls, Texas

A monument commemorating the lives and work of brothers Murry and Winston Burnham will be unveiled on Jan. 30 at Lakeside Park in Marble Falls. The two men owned a sporting goods store on Avenue H for several decades. Photo courtesy of The Falls on the Colorado Museum

An unveiling ceremony for a monument honoring the lives and work of brothers Murry and Winston Burnham is 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 30, at Lakeside Park, 305 Buena Vista Drive in Marble Falls. The siblings owned a sporting goods store best remembered for the live rattlesnakes in its windows and the predator calls on its shelves. 

Burnham Brothers Sporting Goods was located on Avenue H where Accents Boutique sits today.

Guest speakers during the public event include descendant Hunter Burnham, former mayors Richard Westerman and Griff Morris, and current Mayor Dave Rhodes.

Avid hunter Robert Linder spearheaded the push for the monument. 

“People don’t know this history,” he said. “Through doing this project, I’ve learned so much more about it.”

The Marble Falls Economic Development Corp. awarded a $7,500 grant in August to help fund the project. John Packer, an EDC director, former mayor, and granite entrepreneur, was also instrumental in making the monument a reality.

“It’s not easy raising money,” Linder said. “John Packer made it much easier. Plus, he’s in the granite business himself. My heart goes out to John. It speaks strongly of the members of the EDC, and also as a former mayor of the city, the type of leadership that we have here in our city.”

The monument’s stone came from Cold Springs Granite, which owns Granite Mountain in Marble Falls. It was sculpted by Marble Falls artist Dan Pogue.

1 thought on “Burnham brothers monument unveiling Jan. 30 at Lakeside Park

  1. Absolutely Loved going to Burnam Brothers back in the mid to late 70s and early 80s. Was a Saturday morning ritual. Alway plenty of rattlesnakes in the front glass displays and best place to buy your fur bearing animal hunting equipment and scents.

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