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Granite Shoals OKs Lakeview Park upgrades

Shirley King, Michele Landfield

Granite Shoals Parks Advisory Committee Chair Shirley King and Vice Chair Michele Landfield presented the committee's conceptual site plan for improvements to Lakeview Park to the City Council on Jan. 9. Staff photo by Dakota Morrissiey

Lakeview Park in Granite Shoals is getting visitor-friendly upgrades. The City Council on Jan. 9 approved the first phase of improvements proposed by the Parks Advisory Committee to the small, waterfront green space, 2830 Lakeview Lane.

The council OK’d the committee’s conceptual site plan, which includes three picnic tables with grills and trash cans, a shaded pavilion, and two benches with fishing rod holders. The city already owns the additions, which were purchased in recent years with funds from the city’s parks budget, according to Parks Advisory Committee Chair Shirley King.

The committee allocated $16,000 of its 2023-24 fiscal year budget, also approved by the council, to complete the project. 

Prior to its Jan. 9 presentation, the committee held its own meeting on Jan. 4 and took in feedback from Lakeview Park neighbors to inform its plans.

“We had a long discussion and listened to the citizens,” King told the council. “We learned some things during that, and we want to work with the neighbors. The park is a public park, it’s city property, it’s for all citizens, and so we have to accommodate everyone.”

Plans for Lakeview Park, Granite Shoals, Texas
A graphic composed by Granite Shoals Parks Advisory Committee member Brad Hammel depicts proposed improvements to Lakeview Park. The first phase, which was approved by the City Council on Jan. 9, includes a picnic/barbecue area, covered pavilion, and benches near the water. The rest of the design will need to be approved at a later date as the project progresses. According to the committee, the restroom idea was scrapped prior to the presentation.

Lakeview is one of 19 public parks in Granite Shoals. It has water access and a hefty retaining wall but little to no amenities or infrastructure. The Phase 1 improvements are part of a larger plan that could eventually add a fishing dock, designated parking spaces, and a maintained grassy field protected from vehicles by parking barriers.

The City Council unanimously approved Phase 1 following King’s presentation. She did note that certain details could change as the committee receives feedback from architects and contractors concerning the exact locations of the approved items.