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Sweet Berry Farm’s usual crop is cropping up at an unusual time. The Marble Falls attraction has ripe strawberries ready for picking — in December. A pop-up event is from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Thursday and Friday, December 7 and 8 at the farm, 1801 FM 1980.

“It’s not actually normal this time of year,” said Sweet Berry Farm manager Lacy Garcia. “The lack of freezing temperatures has allowed the strawberries to produce berries at this time of the year due to the special variety that we grow.”

The farm is operating on a strictly pop-up basis because of the up-and-down temperatures.

“With the weather so unpredictable, and right now with the cooler temperatures, the berries ripen up at a much slower pace than normal,” Garcia said.

This is not the first time for a late crop. With Central Texas recently experiencing milder Decembers, mid-winter strawberries have become more common at Sweet Berry Farm.

“The weather patterns have actually allowed for this the past couple of years, which is nice,” Garcia said. 

She recommends the berries picked at the Thursday and Friday event be used for baking due to their firmness.

“They’re going to be excellent for chocolate dipping or cut up and put into pie,” she said.


COST: Admission is free; you pay per activity. Strawberries are $3.50 a pound. The farm’s required picking baskets are $1 each. “Returning customers can bring their basket back as a part of our recycling program,” Garcia said.

OTHER ACTIVITIES: Guests may also pick zinnias; kids can play in a bounce house. 

FOR MORE: Keep up with future pop-up events on Sweet Berry Farm’s Facebook page.