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Horseshoe Bay Nature Park gets conservation-based certification

Horseshoe Bay Nature Park

Horseshoe Bay Nature Park, 1514 Golden Nugget, supports hundreds of native animals and plants. Staff photo by Dakota Morrissiey

Horseshoe Bay Nature Park was recently rewarded for its conservation efforts with a certification by Texan by Nature, an organization started by former first lady Laura Bush in 2001.

“We are very excited about the reception we have received,” park Board of Directors President Steve Jordan told

Texan by Nature recognizes employers, organizations, and individuals across the state who oversee meaningful conservation efforts that promote community and prosperity while protecting natural resources. 

Horseshoe Bay Nature Park, 1514 Golden Nugget, was previously zoned for high-density condominiums. The land is now home to eight unique eco-zones that support hundreds of native plants and animals. The park’s trail offers amenities for people and wildlife, including an observation deck, a bird blind, a wildlife watering station, and nesting boxes. 

The free, public park opened in 2021.

“We wanted to be able to reach out to the young people and the old people and everybody to give them a better understanding of nature,” Jordan said. “That is exactly what this program has done.”

The board is currently working on a land management and operational sustainability plan to ensure the park’s stability over time. 

“We’re putting in place a five-year plan which will enhance the park for the benefit of all the community and parties that will be coming,” Jordan said.

New park patrons are needed to help sustain the park. Funds go toward operational and maintenance costs. 

Learn more about the Horseshoe Bay Nature Park on its website.